Manor Breakfast Club

Manor Breakfast Club is open every morning during term time.  Breakfast is available daily for children from 7.30am.  On occasion we offer ‘special’ breakfasts such as waffles and Pancakes.  On Fridays we show films which will always be a U certificate or a PG certificate which we consider suitable for primary school age children. 

Children are very welcome at the Breakfast Club either on a regular basis or for the occasional visit.   

The Breakfast Club is great fun and fantastic value at just £3.81 per session.  If your family is entitled to Universal Credit you may be able to claim assistance to help with the cost of our Breakfast Club, just as you could a Childminder or Nursery.    Please enquire through your Universal Credit account.  Our preferred payment method is ParentPay.  Please speak to the school office if you do not have a ParentPay account with us.  Thank you.