Science at Manor is taught through enquiry based learning in order to answer Big Questions. Science at Manor intends to encourage the children’s natural curiosity of the world through exploration and observations. Being able to pose scientific questions, which can be investigated through enquiry, is at the heart of the science curriculum at Manor. Science enquiry is valued at our school and the science behind each enquiry is discussed in order to increase the children’s knowledge. The children develop the science skills of posing questions, planning an enquiry, making observations and taking measurements, recording data to interpret and evaluating science enquires so that they can develop their scientific knowledge and understanding.

Science theories and knowledge are constantly evolving and changing our lives, therefore we ensure that science at Manor is relevant to today’s world and the world of the future. We believe that the ‘giants of the past’ should be connected with the work of scientists today so that the children leave Manor feeling like there are more scientific discoveries to be made and that they can be a part of these discoveries.


Science is taught weekly across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and links are made to Maths, English and other foundation subjects, where appropriate. There are times, within each year group, where science leads a Learning Journey. In EYFS, science underpins a great deal of teaching and learning as they are encouraged to play and explore, be active learners and think critically so that they can understand the world.

The science curriculum at Manor is supported by the use of the PLAN Resources to aid the planning and assessment of the Science National Curriculum (Published by the Association of Science Education (ASE)). Alongside this, the Primary Science Curriculum Progression, published by the PSTT, is also used to support the teaching of science enquiry skills and the Big Question. These science enquiry skills have been mapped across the year to ensure progression from Key Stage to Key Stage.

At Manor we ensure that science is relevant to today’s world through sharing current science news, relevant visitors to school, studying current science which is taking place and looking towards the future of science.


Children at Manor will develop into potential scientists of the future as they will have high science capital. They will have broad science knowledge which has been gained from carrying out science enquires which use their well-developed science enquiry skills. They will also leave Manor with an awareness of the benefits of science and its relevance to the world in which they live as well as a sense that there is more to be discovered!