Online Safety

Staying Safe online

At Manor Primary School, we take the safety of your children very seriously and this includes helping them to stay safe when they are communicating through any form of electronic device, most typically via the internet. The most common examples are: forums, instant messaging, mobile phones, WhatsApp, video games, email, YouTube and social media. Common social media websites with an age limit of 13 are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

Our teaching around online safety is supported through our computing and PSHEE curriculum and aims to develop children’s skills and knowledge about e-safety in an age-appropriate way. Children are provided with the tools and strategies to keep themselves safe online. With the every-changing online world, we ensure that this is integrating into lessons throughout the year so that information provided is up-to-date. 

Digital Leaders are a group of year 6 children chosen to lead the way with computing at Manor. Their role is to promote the safe use of technology and to further the development of computing in school. By sharing their ideas with Mr Evans in regular meetings, this allows the school to continually review and implement positive change in our computing curriculum and for the children to feel empowered that they are leading this change throughout the school. 

Below are some helpful websites to support parents and guardians in keeping

their children safe whilst using the internet: 

If you wish to report an online concern, please click on the link below: