English is one of the National Curriculum core subjects and plays a crucial part in the development of each child across other curriculum areas. We aim to develop each child's understanding of the spoken word and enable them to express themselves in a variety of situations to different audiences. We also feel it is important that the children become attentive listeners and be able to respond accordingly.

In reading we encourage the children towards an enjoyment of books from the very beginning. We use the Oxford Reading Tree and other reading books as our basis for teaching reading, along with other phonics work at Foundation Stage. The children are also encouraged to learn basic words by sight, using a system of tag words linked to the National Literacy Strategy. Class teachers are pleased to discuss with parents the ways in which they can help their children at this exciting time. We ask parents to read with their children and to share the pleasure of books. Each child has a Home School Reading Record Book, in which parents can write comments about their child's reading.

In order to write, children must have something to write about or a purpose to write for. Children learn to speak their ideas, then they read and finally they write. The best writers are children who are good readers. We encourage children to talk and discuss, to use role play and drama as part of the writing process. They are provided with many stimuli to write through their Learning Journey work and their English work. Children will practise handwriting to enable them to develop a cursive style that is both legible and neat.

Children's written work is celebrated by being read to the class, other classes in the school or in our Achievement Assembly, displayed on walls or made into books for a wider audience to share.

There are clear end of year expectations for each Year Group based on the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.

To find out more about the end of year expectations in a given year group, please click on the links below: