Learning Evaluation Group

At Manor, LEGs play a vital role in the life of our school. Year 6 children, who are interested in improving all aspects of learning at Manor School, apply for this role in Term 1.

This year our LEGs team were elected as follows:

















Once a month on a Friday, LEGs interview children from across the school, recording their views on a range of subjects linked to our School Improvement Plan. This information is fed back to our leadership team, class teachers and other relevant members of staff.

Integral to this process is listening to and collating the children’s views. These are acted on by the relevant member of staff in a variety of ways, depending on the children’s responses. The impact of LEGs on the development of Manor School is shared regularly with pupils in Assembly, PSHE lessons and School Council. Our children know they can make a difference.

LEGs is one of the ways pupils at Manor are encouraged to have a meaningful impact on their learning, as well as their school experience as a whole. Our pupils value this opportunity and understand the importance of pupil voice in the journey of our school, to being the best that it can be.

As a school, we continue to strive to enrich and improve our curriculum. As part of this process, LEGs have been questioning pupils across the school about their attitudes to various subjects.

Our latest session, at the end of Term 3, focused on Design and Technology (DT). The children know the skills they need to learn and have had extensive experience working with different materials.

They have told us that they would love to have more ownership over DT projects carried out across the year and we will make sure this is taken into account when planning new learning. Their ideas for these projects were endless!