British Values

The Fundamental Values are:


The rule of law

Individual liberty

Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

What do these mean at Manor?


  • We listen to everyone's views.

  • We debate arguments for and against.

  • We all get involved.

  • We express our views in a positive and supportive way.

  • We vote and respect the majority.


LEARNING EVALUATION GROUP (LEGS) - listen to children's view of the curriculum.

School Council - weekly views gathered from classes.

Debating Club - Debates integrated into our curriculum e.g. persuasion

Talk / Learning partners

Children involved in our decision making, e.g. which charities do we support, how do we plan our curriculum?

Rule of Law

  • We make sure that our rules and expectations are clear to all children and adults.

  • We teach the difference between right and wrong. We focus on good choices and bad choices.

  • We know that the rules keep us safe.

  • We respect the rules.

  • We understand that there will be consequences when bad choices are made.

Individual Liberty

  • We take responsibility for our own behaviour including our learning behaviour.

  • We challenge inequalities and labelling others.

  • We have zero tolerance of bullying.

  • We promote self-esteem and self-confidence.

Respect and Tolerance

  • We promote all values including respect.

  • We have respect for our own and others' cultures.

  • We discuss differences in faith, ethnicity, disability, gender and families.