At Manor Primary School, we want our children to understand their place in this world in relation to the past, present and future in order for them to become responsible global citizens. Starting in Early Years through to Year 6, we aim to inspire a curiosity and fascination about the planet and its inhabitants that will stay with the children through their lives.

Through different scales of geographical enquiry, our children have the opportunity to ask and answer questions about the natural and human worlds. This enables them to develop their knowledge of different places on a variety of scales, to understand human and physical processes, cultures and people, and how they have affected each other over time.


At Manor Primary School, geography is taught through Learning Journeys. Five key concepts drive geographical learning from EYFS through to Year 6. The key concept of place underpins all our Learning Journeys and the learning is focused through the concepts of scale, interconnection, human and physical processes and sustainability.

Children build on their geographical skills each year, deepening their understanding of location and place knowledge, human and physical geography, enquiry and investigation, fieldwork, interpretation of a range of sources, communication of geographical information and mapping. The children use a range of outcomes to share their learning.


Children at Manor develop a secure understanding of place at a variety of scales. They pursue a line of geographical enquiry, using a range of investigative and problem solving skills and drawing on their mapping and fieldwork skills both inside and outside the classroom to understand the world around them. The children reflect on how the world has shaped us and how in turn, we shape the world. They consider their role as global citizens and as active contributors to, and protectors of our planet. As children progress through the school, they deepen their understanding that natural processes and human activity mean that their world is ever-changing and so geography is an evolving and relevant subject.