Children as Leaders

At Manor Primary School, we recognise that our children are the leaders of the future and therefore provide a range of opportunities for children to develop their leadership skills. We encourage all of our pupils to embrace the wide range of opportunities available to them – and always seek to find new ways that we can further empower our pupils. This enables them to develop as individuals, as a community and grow the school as a whole. Pupil voice is valued and promoted.  

Each academic year, pupils are given a platform to express the views about their school and curriculum to help shape its development and this is facilitated by the child-led Learning Evaluation Group.  The Skills Builder Programme supports the children in developing the 8 essential skills for learning, one of which is ‘Leadership’, to support them in developing the small steps towards becoming great leaders, ready to take on extra responsibility to lead the school forward. 

Roles available for children to develop as leaders include: