At Manor Primary School, we want our children to understand their place in this world in relation to the past, present and future in order for them to become responsible global citizens. Starting in Early Years through to Year 6, we aim to inspire a curiosity and fascination about the planet and its inhabitants that will stay with the children through their lives.

Through historical enquiries we cover the history of the locality, Britain and the wider world during various time periods. Our learning is placed in chronological context in order for children to understand the causes and consequences of significant discoveries and important events and the impact of influential people.


At Manor Primary School, history is taught through Learning Journeys where our enquiry-based approach allows children to explore a historical period. The key concept of chronology underpins all our learning journeys and the learning is focused through the concepts of change and continuity, power and significance or cause and consequence.

Children build on their historical skills each year deepening their understanding of chronology, historical knowledge, historical enquiry and interpretations. Through exploration of primary and secondary sources, children are encouraged to consider varying viewpoints and become discerning and critical thinkers. The children use a range of outcomes to share their learning from role play and songs to writing in a variety of genres.


Children at Manor develop a secure knowledge of the time periods studied and an understanding of how these fit together chronologically. They pursue a line of historical enquiry drawing on appropriate sources to think critically about history, evaluate different viewpoints and communicate their ideas in an appropriate style. The children reflect on how the world has changed, to further understand their identities within our diverse society of today as well as consider how events in the past can impact future thinking.