Here at Manor, from Foundation Stage through to Year 6, we believe that all children can succeed in maths, and we provide children with the opportunity to become fluent mathematicians, able to recall number facts, to reason effectively and to solve problems. This will provide a strong foundation for future maths and science learning, as well as equipping children for mathematical tasks in everyday life and work. We aim to provide children with enjoyment in their learning, promoting and developing their resilience, independence and ability to think flexibly, and encouraging a willingness to embrace challenge and to learn from mistakes.


At Manor, we use a mastery approach to maths using materials from both White Rose Maths and the NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics). We provide all children opportunities to understand mathematical thinking and ideas through learning that has been broken down into carefully sequenced small steps. From Foundation Stage upwards we encourage children to use concrete manipulatives (such as counters, Numicon and Dienes) and visual representations (such as bar models and part whole models) to understand mathematical concepts. The children will then move onto abstract representations (using mathematical symbols such as +, -, =, x, ÷, < and >). Mathematical fluency underpins all learning in maths, and so children receive regular opportunities to develop their fluency through fun games, activities and subscription-based websites such as Times Table Rockstars, Doodle Maths and Mathsframe.


At Manor we support children to become fluent mathematicians who enjoy their maths, making connections between different areas of their mathematical understanding and thinking flexibly. They are able to apply their understanding in order to reason and to solve problems effectively.