Adverse Weather

Details of our Adverse Weather and Emergency Procedures are given below:

Announcements of school closures will be made on the following radio stations:

BBC Radio Sussex   - 104.5, 104.8 and 95.3 FM

Heart FM -  102 and 102.4 FM  ( )

Arrow FM   - 107.8 FM  

Bright 1064, Sovereign Radio, Uckfield Radio and Seahaven Radio

Notification of school closure will also be posted on the following websites: 

An Arbor email will also be sent.

This link will take you to ‘List of emergency school closures’ page.

You are able to sign up to receive alerts of school closures

If you are at all concerned about getting your child to school safely and decide not to attempt the journey, let us know via email (  or phone (01825 763041) after 8:30am. Please note, the phones will not be answered before 8:30am. 

If severe weather conditions occur during the course of the school day, and a decision to close is made, the following procedure will be adopted (this decision will not be taken lightly and it will be made taking into consideration the national forecasts and local conditions, and the ability to keep pupils and staff safe);

•    We will send out an Arbor email.

Please ensure that if you have changed your email address your details are updated on Arbor 

and that the office has up to date details. 

•    We will put a message on the front page of this website 

•    We will notify the County Council who will contact the radio stations and update their website of our intention to close early and for parents to collect their children as soon as possible.

•    Parents should come to the main entrance to collect and sign their children out

•    Parents should only be collecting their own children.  If you have arranged for someone else to pick up your child please notify the office with details either by email or phoning.  All children INCLUDING Year 5 and 6 children must be collected by an adult.