School Council

Every year, Year 6 students at Manor School get the opportunity to stand as a candidate for School Council. Each candidate delivers a speech in assembly and campaigns across the school during the beginning of term 1. Every member of our school community votes and 12 student councillors are elected- 2 to represent each Key Stage 1 class and 1 to represent the Key Stage 2 classes. This provides all our children with a clear and meaningful model of democracy- which is one of our British Values.

The School Council is actively involved in decision making within the school and councillors hold 2 weekly meetings, conduct surveys and gather views and opinions from their peers.

At their mid-week meeting, Mrs Smith and the councillors discuss matters arising as a result of our 4 aims. This year our aims have been agreed as follows:

These matters are discussed with classes at School Council meetings each Friday. This gives every child the opportunity to use their voice to answer questions, make suggestions and share ideas to meet our aims. 

Every child at Manor School has a voice that counts and School Council is one of the opportunities our pupils have to learn that they can affect change and actually make a difference!