Modern Foreign Languages


Our aim at Manor is to encourage our children’s curiosity about another language giving them the confidence to understand the main points in both spoken and written French. As a life-long skill, learning a language should be both stimulating and enjoyable. It also gives our pupils a better understanding of where many English words originally came from. We strongly believe that it promotes and encourages a wider cultural understanding and appreciation. 


At Manor we use early the Early Start French programme in years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Duolingo Classroom as well as a range of French books are also used to support both the teaching and learning of French. Stories, songs and poems  are also used to support with the teaching and learning of French.


We aim for the children at Manor to develop a deeper cultural understanding of French ensuring a broader understanding of the world around them as they progress in their fluency and understanding of both the written and spoken elements of the language. Through high teacher expectations of all children, their linguistic knowledge should both broaden and deepen as they progress through Key Stage 2 and support them with confidence in their transition to Key Stage 3.

Progression of Skills

Progression of skills MFL.docx