Mathematics in Year 1

These are the end of year expectations in Maths for Year 1


· Counting forward and back from any number to 100 in ones, twos, fives and tens

· Identifying one more and less using objects and pictures (inc number lines) using the language of equal to, more than, less than (fewer than)

· Writing any number to 100 including number words from 1-20

Addition and Subtraction

· Reading, writing and interpreting mathematical statements involving + - =

· Represent and use number bonds to and related subtraction facts to 20

· Add and subtract one digit and two digit numbers to 20 including 0

· Solve one step problems involving addition and subtraction including missing numbers

Multiplication and Division

· Solve one step problems involving multiplication and division using arrays, pictorial representation and objects with support


· Recognise, find and name a half and a quarter of objects, shapes and quantity


· Compare, describe, solve practical problems and record for length, height, mass/weight, capacity and volume, time

· Recognise and know value of coins and notes

· Sequence events in chorological order using language of time

· Recognise days of the week, months of the year

· Tell the time to the hour and half past. Draw hands on clocks to show hour and half past times

· Recognise and name 2D and 3D shapes, describing position and movement including whole, ½ ¼ ¾ turns