English in Year 4


    • Correctly spell common homophones
    • Increase regularity of handwriting
    • Plan writing based on familiar forms
    • Organise writing into paragraphs
    • Use simple organisational devices
    • Proof read for spelling and punctuation errors
    • Evaluate own and others writing
    • Read own writing aloud


    • Use a wider range of conjunctions
    • Use the present tense appropriately
    • Select pronouns and nouns for clarity
    • Use and punctuate direct speech
    • Use commas after fronted adverbials


    • Secure decoding of unfamiliar words
    • Read for a range of purposes
    • Retell some stories orally
    • Discuss words and phrases that capture imagination
    • Identify themes and conventions
    • Retrieve and record information
    • Make inference and justify predictions
    • Recognise a variety of forms of poetry
    • Identify and summarise ideas