English Year 2

The children will learn to:

Take part in discussions showing understanding of the main points.

Listen carefully making relevant comments or asking questions about what they have heard.

Adapt what they say to the needs of the listener, varying vocabulary.

Read independently using appropriate strategies when reading unknown words.

Have good comprehension of what they have read.

Answer questions regarding a text using inference and deduction. (Inference is information the children can gain from text without it actually written down. Deduction is the conclusions they come to having read the text)

Use contents pages, indexes and glossaries to find information.

Write in a neat and legible joined script.

Spell more complex words accurately using spelling strategies.

Use capital letters, full stops, speech marks, question marks and exclamation marks accurately.

Choose words for variety and interest in their writing, therefore extending their vocabulary.

Re-read their work to improve on the quality and phrasing of language.

Plan their work before writing, thinking about the context and sequence of ideas.

Recognise and know which graph, digraph or trigraph to use within a given word.

(A graph is a single letter making one sound, a digraph is two letters making one sound and trigraph is three letters making one sound)