Mathematics in Year 3

These are the end of year expectations in Maths for Year 3

Learn 3, 4 & 8x tables
Secure place value to 1000
Mentally add & subtract units, tens or hundreds to numbers of up to 3 digits
Written column addition & subtraction
Solve number problems, including multiplication & simple division and missing number problems
Use commutativity to help calculations
Geometry & Measures 
Measure & calculate with metric measures
Measure simple perimeter
Add/subtract using money in context
Use Roman numerals up to XII; tell time
Calculate using simple time problems
Draw 2-d / Make 3-d shapes
Identify and use right angles
Identify horizontal, vertical, perpendicular and parallel lines
Fractions & decimals 
Use & count in tenths
Recognise, find & write fractions
Recognise some equivalent fractions
Add/subtract fractions up to <1
Order fractions with common denominator
Interpret bar charts & pictograms