Welcome to our School

Manor Primary School is a friendly and welcoming school that is a vibrant part of our local community.   We pride ourselves on creating a safe and secure family atmosphere where every member of our school community feels valued.  Our enthusiastic team of staff and Governors are dedicated to providing exciting and fun learning experiences for all children and we aim to give your child the best possible start to their lifelong learning journey. 
As the Head teacher of Manor School I am very proud of our commitment to being a listening school.  We work hard to give children, staff, Governors and parents a voice in the decision making of our school.  We are always striving to improve and we recognise that we are all essential partners in making this happen.

The Learning Platform is another exciting step towards developing our partnerships, locally and globally. We hope you find it useful for sharing your ideas, finding new ways to help with your learning and seeing what goes on each day in Manor School.  We are always looking to improve what we do so please send us your comments or post them in the suggestion box in the entrance hall.