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School Council

                                                                                                      Manor School Council

At Manor it is important to us that every pupil's voice is heard.  One way in which we do this is through our School Council.  In September, the pupils and staff at our school elect sixteen Year 6 pupils as School Councillors.  Each Councillor represents a class in the school.  Every class also has a link person chosen by their peers.  Every Friday afternoon the School Councillors visit their class to discuss issues and suggestions raised.        

Term 1 Overview

  • Elect school councillors
  • Allocate them to classes
  • Chose a link person for each class
  • Decide on roles within school council
  • Set priorities for the year
  • Preparation for anti-bullying week
  • Remind classes about class ambassadors and eco-warriors.

Term 2 Overview

  • Anti-bullying week
  • Remembrance Day sale
  • Children In Need competition



So what do they do?

On Thursday lunchtimes the School Councillors meet with Mrs Coleman and Mrs Feist to discuss issues/suggestions and questions.  Every Friday afternoon each School Councillor visits their assigned class.  Supported by the class teacher, the children discuss various issues, suggestions and questions from Thursday’s meeting.  Fundraising ideas are also discussed in these meetings.

                                  THE School Council 


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What do we want to achieve?

The School Councillors in Manor Primary School want to get to know
how YOU want to change the school. We want to make the school the 
best place that it can be and so it is can be suitable for you.

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Scott: You get to answer the questions and get your say.

Rebecca: I love every bit of it. Beautiful.

Izzy: Brilliant, you learn stuff from school council.


Molly:School council is helpful because it means we are allowed a say in what happens at school.

Libby: School council is so helpful because it makes you think of things in different ways.  Its truly brilliant! (9 stars for school council)

Katie: I think that school council is good because you can get your views through when you want something done. ( I would rate this 9)