Here we are at the start of a new year and we are excited about what lies ahead.  We started the year with a fantastic INSET run by Kit Messenger looking at empowerment for children.  There is an information evening this term so please come along and find out more.  Your children will have already come home talking about pro-learning and pro-social skills.  They are learning about neuroscience and how their brains work.  
Golden Rules are being replaced by Class Charters and a whole School Charter. 

We are developing a creative Friday afternoon curriculum to replace Golden time.  The children are coming up with great ideas about what they want to do in these sessions.  I was particularly impressed by the children suggesting work on the environment and in our community as well as sports, sewing and knitting.  If you have a skill you could offer to help us run an activity on a Friday afternoon it would be great to have more volunteers in school.  

The new class names have been exciting for the children and has given them some insight into how some species are endangered.  We will be continuing our focus on the environment and reinforcing our plastic promise.  The children have made it clear they want to protect their environment.  

Highlights to look forward to this term 

Parental Workshops - Reading Focus 

Reading Cafe

Parent Consultations 

Sneak A Peak 


"Everyone Matters, Everyone Helps, Everyone Succeeds." 

Assembly Themes  - Term 1

We are continuing to explore news events linked to British values in some of our assemblies across the term.  Picture News will have a current news focus every two weeks.  We share this with you so the children can discuss the issues with you. 

 Each week we are also focusing on a key learning skill.  

Our themes this term are focused on 


Learning Skills – Pro=social and pro-learning skills

School Improvement Plan 

As part of our School Improvement focus we will be working on the area identified by OFSTED in November 2017

       teaching extends and deepens pupils’ learning consistently well across the curriculum, particularly for the most able (OFSTED)

Our main School Improvement objectives are:

( Full plan to published later this term) 

Through effective implementation of a rich and relevant curriculum there is improved outcomes for children

To continue improve outcomes in reading and writing  

   To continue to further develop Maths reasoning and fluency 

      To coach children in strategies to manage their behaviour so they become empowered as learners skills to improve outcomes for children

Our next Parent Forum meeting will be meet this term 

I hope you are enjoying MARVELLOUS ME.  It is a wonderful resource to recognise our children and their learning.  We will be up and running in the next few weeks. 


WOW forms are available to download here or from the entrance lobby. Your response has been so wonderful we need to create a bigger board to display them all. We want to continue to celebrate all of your child's achievements in and out of school.   

Thank you. 

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