PSHE in Year 5

In Year 5 our termly themes are:

Being Me in My World - The children think about how to face challenges positively and how to set personal goals. They think about their rights and responsibilities as a British citizen and as a member of our school. They learn about making choices about their own behaviour and how an individual's behaviour can impact on a group. 

Celebrating Difference - The children learn about culture and how cultural differences can sometimes cause conflict. They think about racism and their own attitudes towards people from different races. Children learn how rumour-spreading and name-calling can be bullying behaviours and learn the difference between direct and indirect bullying. They think about people living in the developing world and compare these people's lives to their own. 

Dreams and Goals - The children think about their dreams and consider whether they will need money to help them achieve some of their these. They learn about a range of jobs and how much people earn in different jobs. They consider jobs they would like to do when they grown up and think about what they will need to do to achieve it. Children consider the dreams and goals of young people in a different culture to their own. They think about how communicating with someone in a different culture means they can learn from and support each other. 

Healthy Me - The children learn about the health risks of smoking and alcohol. They learn how alcohol can lead to anti-social behaviour. Children learn about how the media and the celebrity culture promotes certain body types and how the photos that we see in the media can be edited to promote these body types. They consider the different roles food can play in people's lives and what makes a healthy lifestyle. 

Relationships - The children think about who they are as a person in terms of their characteristics and personal qualities. They learn about friendships and how these can change, including how to make new friends and how to manage a falling out with a friend. They consider how to stay safe when using technology to communicate with their friends.

Changing Me - The children think about their self-image. They learn how girls' and boys' bodies change during puberty and the importance of looking after yourself physically and emotionally. Children learn how babies are made. They identify what they are looking forward to about becoming a teenager and consider the additional responsibilities this brings. The children identify what they are looking forward to when they are in Year 6.