PSHE in Year 3

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 We take turns to speak.

We use kind and positive words.

We listen to each other.

We respect each other's privacy.

We only use names when giving compliments or being positive.

In Year 3 our termly themes are:

Celebrating DifferenceThe children learn how their words can affect someone’s feelings and what the consequences can be. They learn how to give and receive compliments and how this feels.

Dreams and GoalsThe children evaluate their own learning process and identify how it can be better next time. Children learn to share their successes with others and what it feels like to succeed.

Healthy MeThe children learn to identify things, people and places that they need to keep safe from. They develop strategies for keeping themselves safe including who to go to for help. Children learn different ways of expressing how being anxious or scared feels.  

RelationshipsChildren learn to explain how the actions and work of people around the world help and influence their own lives. They further develop an awareness of how this could change their choices.

Changing MeChildren identify how boys’ and girls’ bodies change on the inside during the growing up process. Children learn to identify why these changes are necessary. Children recognise how they feel about these changes and know how to cope with these feelings.