PSHE in Year 2

Image result for jigsaw joThroughout our time in Year 2 we will be developing children's ability to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe, and prepared for the different events we experience in life. Each term we will focus on a particular theme which will develop these skills.

In Year 2 we will explore:

Celebrating Difference - The children will learn that sometimes people make assumptions about boys and girls. Also, that bullying sometimes occurs as a result of being different. They will learn how to make new friends but also how they can be different to their friends.

Dreams and Goals - The children will choose their own goal and how they can achieve it. The ability to persevere will also be developed and used across the curriculum. We will also focus on the importance of co-operating and working effectively with others.

Healthy Me - The children will learn how to keep themselves healthy and how medicines affect our bodies. We also discuss the importance of healthy foods and which groups of food will keep us healthy and give us energy.

Relationships - Children will identify different members of their family and the relationship we have with different members. We will discuss types of physical contact and which of these are acceptable. We will also learn to appreciate people in our lives and the special relationship we have with them.

Changing Me - The children will recognise cycles of life in nature and that growing from young to old is a natural process. We will identify how our bodies have changed since we were babies. Children will also recognise physical differences between boys and girls and that some parts of the body are private. Finally, children will understand that there are different types of touch and be able to distinguish which ones they like and do not like.