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Year 5 - Term 5
Our Learning Journey this term is 'Attenborough's America'
Here are some of the things we will be learning this term.



In English, we will be reading the book 'The Wolves of Currumpaw'. We will be using this book to inspire us to write our own documentary in the style of David Attenborough!



In Science, we will become naturalists, just like David Attenborough! We will be finding out about the classification of living things. We will explore the life cycles of mammals, birds, insects and amphibians. We will find out how plants reproduce and begin to think about how plants and animals in Mississippi and Nevada have adapted to live in their environments.


This term, we will be continuing to work on fractions before moving on to decimals and percentages. Our learning will include:
- multiplying fractions
- finding fractions of amounts
- reading and writing decimal numbers as fractions
- rounding decimals
- reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers with up to 3 decimal places
- recognising the % symbol and writing percentages as a fraction
- solving problems


Geography Our learning will focus on biomes. We will be exploring the states of Mississippi and Nevada in the USA, which are in different biomes. We will learn about the hydrosphere, the lithosphere and the biosphere, comparing and contrasting them. Map work will help us learn about contours and we will be creating our own 3D maps to show the altitude of the land.


We will be learning about different types of relationships and how to be a good friend.

Image result for friend



During P.E. this term, we will be developing our rounders skills.