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Year 4 - Term 1
Our Learning Journey this term is 'Nobody Knows'
Here are some of the things we will be learning this term.



Recount writing
Descriptive writing and poetry
Narrative- writing a prologue to the iron Man

Image result for iron man book


Electricity Image result for circuits


Place Value of numbers up to 9,999

Addition and Subtraction strategies

Problem solving

Times Tables 

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Image result for recorder

Design Technology

Design and make an iron man
Image result for iron man cardboard box model by children


Empowerment and the brain

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Design an imaginary world

Drawing skills

Image result for scrap yard black and white drawing




Image result for football  

At Manor, we believe it is important that the children are given the opportunity to be more involved in what they learn. 
Here are some of the ideas the children came up during our planning sessions.

We could build the Iron man out of different materials- Lola

Make the Iron man and create our own- Charlotte

Make an iron man out of clay- Milo

Science about different materials- Alfie

Paint the iron man- Manha

Learn about the iron age- Poppy

Design and paint buildings- Milo

Make a robot iron man- Freya

Learn how steel and iron are made- William

Make puppets/ animation Scarlett C

Write a prediction about what might happen- Caiden

Write our own story based on the iron man- Freya

Write a description of the iron man- Poppy

Character descriptions- Poppy

Make an iron man film- Caiden

What might happen next- Theo

Look inside a computer- William

Find out how his eyes work- Poppy