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Year 2 - Term 5
Our Learning Journey this term is ...
Here are some of the things we will be learning this term.







Image result for quarter hour times  Image result for addition using dienes
The children will be revising their addition and subtraction strategies and then using estimation and inverse to check their answers.  They will also be learning to tell the time to the nearest quarter of an hour (or 5 minutes for a challenge!)



Related image

The children will explore drums, rainmakers, pipes and chimes. They will then use these to compose their own piece of tribal music. 

Design Technology

Image result for tipi  

The children will explore problem solving and different ways to increase the strength of a structure by trying to build tipis. They will also explore joining methods they can use to create totem poles.



Related image  Image result for usa states

The children will be locating North America and becoming more familiar with some of its states using their map skills. This will help them find a new place with many physical features nearby that a tribe will need in order to settle.



Image result for thanksgiving
We will explore Christianity and how some of their beliefs link to our British and school values. We will look at Thanksgiving and make comparisons to Judaism.



Image result for native american indian tribe
We will explore the British and school values of generosity, thankfulness and compassion by looking at how tribe members look after one another.


Image result for native american tribal dance

Native American Indian themed tribal dance