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Year 2 - Term 5
Our Learning Journey this term is 'Chocolate!'
Here are some of the things we will be learning this term.



Image result for charlie and the chocolate factory

Key text: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl.
The children will be practising many reading skills such as interpreting, selecting and retrieving information and inference. The children will be exploring description of sweets used in the text then creating and describing their own sweets with magical properties. We will also revisit the use of conjunctions and different sentence types, and explore apostrophes for contractions and possession.


Image result for sorting sweets The children will be sorting and classifying different types of sweets to help them notice patterns and ask questions. They will observe changes to chocolate over time and test different types of chocolate to find out which one the Indian Prince should use to build his palace with.


Image result for quarter hour times  Image result for addition using dienes
The children will be revising their addition and subtraction strategies and then using estimation and inverse to check their answers.  They will also be learning to tell the time to the nearest quarter of an hour (or 5 minutes for a Hot challenge!)




Design Technology

Image result for marshmallow spaghetti structures

The children will explore problem solving and different ways to increase the strength of a structure by trying to build the tallest marshmallow structure!



Image result for chocolate ghana Image result for ghana

The children will be helping Willy Wonka to find a new place to build a factory in our local area by using their map skills. They will also look at where we source cacao beans from, particularly Ghana, and find out about the process of turning this raw material in to chocolate.






Image result for charlie and the chocolate factory oompa loompa dance

Dance themed around 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'