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Year 1 - Term 6
 We have two Learning Journey themes this term:

'Into the Wild'
 'A Land Down Under'
Here are some of the things we will be learning this term.



This term the children will explore a range of Dreamtime stories from Australia such as, how the animals got their Tails and Tiddalik. They will work towards creating their own story based in an Australian setting.                            Speaking and Listening will still remain a significant focus throughout the term.



Within our ‘Seasonal Changes’ topic the children will learn what season it is and the changes that occur within this season. They will make predictions about the weather and explore how different weather will affect what choices they make. During our ‘Into the Wild’ learning journey the children will be identifying, describing and naming common animals. They will also be learning about different parts of the human body and our senses.


This term we will be looking at position and direction, including left and right.  The children will be becoming familiar with notes and coins.  We will be looking at telling the time to whole and half hours as well as identifying 2D and 3D shapes.



This term the children will be learning how to search on google image for pictures and how to copy and paste images.



This term will focus on textiles and collage linked with our Australian learning journey. The children will create their own weave based on the different settings in Australia.


This term the children will explore how Australia is similar and different to England. They will learn about the wildlife, weather, Australian people, schools, food, jobs and sports, comparing their findings with their own environment.



This term will doing hockey and cricket.

We will be focusing on movement and

co-ordination and ball skills.



In PSHE we will be exploring ‘Changes' in preparation for next year.