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Year 1 - Term 5
 We have two Learning Journey themes this term:

'Green Plants'
 'We Are Explorers'
Here are some of the things we will be learning this term.



The children will explore poetry patterns and
rhyme. They will read and rehearse poems about spring and using what they have learnt will create their own spring poem. Later in the term they will deepen their knowledge of non-fiction texts focussing predominantly on leaflets. Speaking and listening will still remain a significant focus throughout the term.



Within our ‘Seasonal Changes’ topic the children
will learn what season it is and the changes that occur within this season. They will make predictions about the weather and explore how different weather will affect what choices they make. During our ‘Plant’ learning journey the children will name and describe plants and trees. They will look at similarities and differences between trees and plants and consider what changes happen to them throughout the year.



This term we will be learning about multiplication and division through repeated addition.  The children will also explore fractions of shapes, objects and numbers including halves and quarters.



This term the children will continue to follow the Charanga programme where they will listen and appraise Latin, jazz and dance music. They will take part in musical activities and perform and share their responses to music.



During our RE lessons the children will learn about Baptism, signs and symbols and they also visit our local church to learn more about Baptism.



The children will consider why families choose to live in Uckfield. They will ask questions about their locality and think about what they like about Uckfield. They will use different resources to find out about their locality. Lastly they will explore different jobs that people living in their area might do.



We will be continuing to learn about E-safety and how to use the Internet safely. The children will learn how to use Google Earth to explore the local area as well as becoming more familiar with taking photos on a digital camera.



In PSHE we will be exploring ‘Relationships'. They will learn about different types of families, relationships with their peers, appropriate physical contact and people that can help them in the community.


We will be focusing on dance and gymnastics.

This term our art is linked with our ‘Plant’ learning journey. The children will be developing their observational skills by drawing a variety of plants and trees.hey will be using our school grounds and going on observational walks to explore the changes that occur within spring.