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Year 1 - Term 3
 We have two Learning Journey themes this term:

'The Three Little Pigs' (Book Week)
 'Risky Royals'
Here are some of the things we will be learning this term.



In book week this term we will be looking at the traditional tale 'The Three Little Pigs' and comparing this to the story 'The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig' by Eugene Trivizas. The children will look at how these are similar and different before writing their own beginnings to their versions of the story.

Our learning journey this term focuses on the Tudors. We will be looking at non-fiction books and writing our own non-fiction books about some of Henry VIII's wives. We will then be looking at the story 'Don't Read this Book' and using this to inspire our own fairy stories.



In science this term we will be looking as seasonal changes and how the weather changes in each season. We will look at what has happened to deciduous and evergreen trees in winter. We will also look at materials within our topic 'Risky Royals' discussing what materials Tudor people wore. We will take part in an experiment which looks at which material is the best insulator.


In maths this term we will be continuing to be learning about addition and subtraction and the relationships between numbers. We will become more confident with our number bonds to 10 and we will start to focus on numbers beyond 10 and their place value.



We will be looking at the work of the artist Paul Klee in this learning journey.  We will explore Klee's work on castles and explore using shapes and colour to create our own versions of his work.




This Term we will be learning all about Henry VIII in our 'Risky Royals' learning journey.  We will be finding out about Henry's wives, children and hobbies throughout this term as well as Tudor fashion and food.